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5 stars by Marjorie  on Goodreads for MY SUMMER TRIUMPH

My Summer Triumph by Kandi Siegel is a fantastic must read. Once you open the book it will grab you, hold you down and then those pages with turn and turn and turn until you get to the last page. It doesn't even have twists and turns, it doesn't need them, it is so good on it's own. The chapters are shorI and concise. Once you start, you won't stop until you finish reading it. It is a fast read but a great read. Kaila really didn't want to go to camp. She has a poor self image and when she gets to camp that are a group of girls that harrass her. She meets a girl and they become best friends. She ends up have a great time and decides she wants to go again. There are lessons learned and the characters are honest and relatable making this a great summer read for any young girl. ****CAUTION**** Because of the use of cigarettes, smoking and boyfriend/girlfriend feelings this may not be appropriate for children under 10. I gave this book 5 stars but wish I could have given it more because it deserves many, many more. It would make a good gift. It would look good on your child's bookshelf or on any library's bookshelf. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially for someone who would like to get their child a fun, short & easy read. I look for more from Kandi Siegel

5 stars  by Sally on Goodreads for MY SUMMER TRIUMPH

I bought this book for my granddaughter who was going to overnight camp. I thought it would be something she might like to read during downtime at camp and I was so right. She told me it was one of the best books she ever read and she even shared it with all of her bunkmates for them to read it too. They all totally enjoyed it. Thank you Kandi M. Siegel for writing such a great book and making me a super duper winner in my granddaughter's eyes (and her camp friends) for having chosen such a perfect book to take with her to camp. Keep writing these great stories

4 stars by Jaimie Engle   on Amazon for  MY SUMMER TRIUMPH

This was an adorable book. The story follows the journey of Kaila on her first overnight summer camp and how she must face her fears to overcome them. The chapters were short and concise, and clearly labeled by their titles. Kaila struggles with her self-perception, which is enhanced by the taunting of several girls throughout the story. But with one true friend by her side and the cute boy she can't keep her eyes off of, she discovers everything she needs before you read "the end". Although this book is geared for a younger audience, there is mention of cigarettes and boyfriend/girlfriend feelings, so it is not recommended for a reader who is under 10 years old. The lessons learned and the honest relatable characters make this a fabulous summer read for any young girl.

5 stars by  Jay Blotcher  on Amazon for  LOOKING BACK, NO REGRETS, MEMOIRS FROM THE HEART 

At one point in all of our lives --if we're lucky, it's only once -- we let the heart rule over the head and we get involved with a moron who ruins our MGM Technicolor dreams of living happily ever after. Kandi Marsh Siegel made more than her share of mistakes in the game of love. (So have I, so perhaps I should write a similar book about ex-lovers.) But rather than stew over her romantic mishaps, and use the sadness as an invitation to disillusionment, she used the true-life experiences as the basis of this nakedly vulnerable book. You may scoff at her naivete and insist you would have never been duped as you read along. But that would be a lie. Kandi tells her tales of woe with candor and an astounding and admirable lack of self-pity. She meets a string of cads who woo her and dump her... but she keeps her heart open. That is the true definition of a survivor. These tales read like fictional horror stories and you will keep turning the pages to see how they end up. Ultimately an uplifting affirmation of love and life.

5 stars by Janice Cook on Amazon for  LOOKING BACK, NO REGRETS, MEMOIRS FROM THE HEART

I have found this memoir to be very entertaining and each chapter has something a person can relate to. Especially for the baby boomer generation. Some writers take too much time to develop background information and tell the story. Kandi's style is very clear and the reader can identify with her experiences. I like how the chapters progress through her life and have new themes. I have been reading 2 chapters at a time and taking a break so I have time to look forward to the next adventure of Kandl's life. This is a book that is both truthful and uplifting...you will enjoy it! 

​​5 stars by Valerie Allen  on Amazon for RAINBOW OF MINE

Well written book for Pre-K to first grade. Written in rhyme, it explores the colors of the rainbow, told by a cute monkey young children will love. Each color is given in sequence and associated with an emotion which will encourage extended discussion after the book is finished. Parents, grandparents, and teachers will enjoy reading this book to young children. A good gift book.

5 stars by Sallie Murphy on Amazon for  RAINBOW OF MINE 

Bought this book to share with my Kindergarten class last year and the kids loved it! It has made the rounds at school since. Great beginner book that explores colors and mindfulness of feelings. It was a hit for sure! Keep up the fabulous work on your books because the teachers on Cape Cod are calling this one a huge success!

​5 stars by Paul Finch on Amazon for  RAINBOW OF MINE 

My three year old grandson always gets out his books when I come over. When we go through rainbow of mine, Cole knows all his colors. This book certainly contributed to his knowledge of colors and about the rainbow, thanks to this book

5 stars by  Mary Beth  on Amazon for  A DOG FOR LEO
I just finished reading A Dog for Leo, by Kandi M. Siegel. I feel compelled to say that I found this story not only to be well-written, but also very heart-warming. It reminded me of the talks I had with my sons about being responsible and taking care of a dog. It was easy for me to identify with each of the characters in the book and become involved in the story. The parts about Leo at school and doing his homework brought me back to my school days. I felt the joy that Leo felt when he played with the puppy and also the exhaustion he felt when taking care of all those puppies. The author used words to paint a picture that I could see in my mind as I read. She brought me to Leo's world and allowed me to share his excitement, hope, frustration, sadness, and then his joy. I recommend this book highly and congratulate the author on a job well done!

​5 stars by Maureen Glaskin  on Amazon for A DOG FOR LEO
This is a very sweet story about a young boy that wants a dog. He visits the pet store and meets a puppy that he falls in love with. The story talks about what this boy does to prove to his parents that he is responsible enough to have a puppy. It goes on to tell about what the boy does to prove himself responsible. It is an engaging story that should keep the interest of the reader. It moves along at a good interest level. I think my 10 year old niece would enjoy this story. I think it is a good book that a student can write a book report on. It is easy to follow.

5 stars by CBS on Amazon for  A DOG FOR LEO
My sister downloaded the kindle version of this book and was telling me how this would be the perfect book for my son because he is wanting a dog but his mom and I keep saying no because of his behavorial problems. When my sister told me how the boy in this story was inspired to be a more responsible young man, my wife and I decided to purchase the paperback version for our son to read. My sister also told me the book was a very good story, easy to read and really puts you into the story where you feel everything the main character of the story feels. That is the type of book I want for my preteen. Not only a good story, but one where there is a teaching lesson involved. In this case, teaching about being responsible.

5 stars by Ashley McGrath  on Amazon for  A DOG FOR LEO
Kandi M. Siegel's "A Dog for Leo" is the story of a boy who really wants a dog but has to show his parents he's responsible enough to take care of it. After a setback early in the book, Leo (with a little help from his best friend Marty) does his best to prove he can handle having a dog. The question is does Leo get a dog? You have to read the book to find out! Well written by Siegel, "A Dog for Leo" is age appropriate and a delightful read for fourth graders and up, especially those who are thinking of getting a pet

The teacher asked the students to write about their favorite book from the school year and this particular student wrote that her favorite book was

MY SUMMER TRIUMPH by Kandi M. Siegel.  I feel so honored!!!!


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